2020 Election Irregularities

This website aims to summarize and curate the major irregularities and unresolved anomalies in the 2020 presidential election. Every piece of evidence is sourced from news reports, sworn affidavits, data analyses, or witness testimonies at state legislatures or U.S. Senate hearings.

Statistical Anomalies

Joe Biden’s electoral tally was achieved due to a series of highly unusual voting patterns. For instance, he lost 18 out of 19 bellwether counties, failed to take any of the 27 toss-up Congressional seats, and overcame Trump’s incumbent advantage of winning 94% of the primary votes. He had fewer votes than Obama did in 2008 in 70.7% of counties, yet still got nearly 12 million more votes than Obama. All this was accompanied by highly anomalous voting patterns in key swing states after midnight on November 3.

Voting Machines

Questions have surrounded Dominion and other voting systems for years. Before 2020, both mainstream media and Democrat senators raised serious concerns about their vulnerabilities. The 2020 election saw multiple incidents of switching votes, including one switching 12,173 votes in Georgia. An independently verified analysis shows a 2-3% shift in votes for Biden in counties that used Dominion. In Oct. 2020, Dominion’s parent company received $400 million raised by UBS Securities LLC, where three out of four board members were Chinese.

Mail-in Fraud

In 2005, a report by former President Jimmy Carter stated, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.” In the 2020 election, we have seen a large volume of votes from deceased people and people who moved out of state, record number of ballots adjudicated and altered in the adjudication process, minimal or no signature verification, and postmark backdating. In Michigan, Republicans led Democrats 41% to 39% in returned mail-in ballots, yet Biden led Trump 69.3% to 29.6% in mail-in votes.

Suspicious Conduct

A number of highly unusual and suspicious events took place around the election: the same ballots were scanned repeatedly (without the tabulator being reset); mysterious batches of ballots were shipped interstate or arrived in counting centers many hours after the deadline; voter registration data in swing states was fraught with irregularities, and Republican poll watchers and challengers were denied the right to inspect the counting process and in many cases ejected from venues.