Mail-in Ballots With Like Signatures and Serial Numbers in Sequence, Undated, from Voters not in the Pollbook

Hima Kolanagireddy, a GOP poll challenger, testified at the Michigan House Oversight Committee Hearing, on Dec. 2:

“I was at table 57 where I saw a stack of ballots which had a sticky note on it saying, ‘not in EPB/S.’ I didn’t know what that meant, but it didn’t take me long to figure out. When they scan a ballot, nothing would come on the system, so they would manually enter these. That’s when I figured out that they were not even referring to the poll book. EPB/S means election poll book or system.”

“When I started writing down the ballot numbers and the last names of the person on the ballot, they [ballot numbers] were all in sequence. These are absentee ballots, mail-in ballots. They cannot be in sequence, 2232 cannot have 2233 next to it, because if they’re mailed in, they come in all different numbers. When I started noticing that these numbers are almost next to each other, my antennas went up. That’s exactly when I thought something is not right here.”

“Then I asked the supervisor. There was not even a date on those envelopes. It said 11-00-2020. I said what is the date on this one. Then they got really mad at me. They said you’re not letting us do our job, you’re disturbing us. At that point, because we really don’t want to be kicked out, we were just kind of not challenging anything because we wanted to still stay in the room because we barely had anybody.”

“Not only that, these sequential ballot numbers were all from the same area, like Garden street in downtown Detroit; signatures were all alike; they had no date stamp.”

“None of them were coming up in the system. They were all being entered manually. They even knew that none of these data would even be in the poll book or in the system.”

Absentee ballots with serial numbers in sequence from the same area with like signatures