Georgia did a hand recount. That must mean there was no vote manipulation through Dominion Voting Systems.

Not necessarily. 

Garland Favorito, a co-founder of the election integrity watchdog group Voter GA, told NTD News that he doesn’t trust Georgia’s recount. Mainly because the state used ARLO, an auditing software that he alleges is flawed.

“That program forces the county elections directors to put their information into the secretary of the state system, rather than their own system. So what that means is that the secretary of state is going to tell the county what their results are, instead of the county telling the secretary of state what their results are,” said Favorito.

He said usually an audit is a bottom-up process. The counties hand count the ballots, and then report their totals to the state.

“This one is going to go from the state to the county, they will tell the counties what their audit results are. And that’s a totally compromised way to conduct any kind of audit,” said Favorito.

Another problem Garland Favorito pointed out is the secretary of state ordered the counties to certify their existing electronic totals if their hand count was within 0.5% difference.” 

Biden’s margin over Trump is only 0.28% in Georgia.

Why Georgia Hand Recount was Compromised

A vote review panelist for the recount confirmed Garland Favorito’s concerns

Ashley Gillis is the Lamar county GOP chair and was a vote review panelist for Spaulding county during the hand recount. She noticed something suspicious: “No presidential totals were coming back on the forms. Batch forms were incomplete, and the supervisor remarked that no totals were to be given until the secretary of state released them. A witness in the other room told me that they were not able to observe the numbers being written down as they were all being tallied on notebook paper and was told by the staff to keep them hidden.”

“On Saturday, there were still no presidential totals coming back, and multiple batch numbers were coming back as batch one. We were able to use the time they came back to differentiate between which batch one was supposed to be on this form.”

“Tuesday, November 17th, I went to pick up the totals, and I was told by the supervisor that they were going to be using the same election result numbers (dated November 9th at 8:46 a.m.), per the email from the secretary of state. “

She also said it was the ARLO employee, not the county employees, who entered the information into the ARLO system, which was inconsistent with protocols for proper hand audits.

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